How to hire and excute

1: use your instict, what you want, what you're using.

2: Co-founders:

  • the No.1 broken reason
    my fault

    • good co-founders>solo found>bad co-founders
    • 2 or 3 worked the best, 5 would be bad.
    • pre-negotiation on Equity split
    • what the founders do is the culture

3: Hire People

  • Are they smart?
  • Do they get things done?
  • Do I want to spent a lot of time around them?
  • Animal description: you need be able to describe your people as one animal.
  • M.Z's comments: he would hire people that a: he would spent time to social with them; b: he would be comfortable reporting to.
  • after hire the best, keep them around: make employees feel happy and valued
  • reputation goes to team, while you take the responsibility.
  • 1n1 with employees matters.

4: Fire fast

  • creating the office politics

5: CEO 5 jobs: what the founders do makes the culture
 *  vision
 * money
 * Evangelize
 * hire and manage
 * make the company except

####Can you get things done?
  * focus:
     * where you spend your money and time
     * what's are the most important 2 or 3 things.
     * say no a lot
     * set overarching goals, reapeat them
     * communicate

* Intensity

 * everytime you talk them them ,they get new things done.
 * they show up a lot

* Momentum: keep growing, or die
    * setting an operation rhythm:
       * shipping product
       * launching new product
       * reviewing/reporting metrict, milestone

* don't spend more money than you have.