monoplay in small market, but with great potential

what's marketing?
Retention- which means it's really good product people want.


If you got not good product(that product will grow itself),do not go to marketing. since it will not grow no matter how much money you spend.

How to retain

Startup should not have growth team, the whole team should be the growth team.
Focus on the north star.

What is the magic moment for your product?

what is your magic moment when you open Facebook- the"AHA" moment? See your friends' face, show you the people you want to follow ,talk to ASAP.

Airbnb: the first moment you see the fantastic house that you can stay/ the first moment that you receive your money

Focus on the marginal user

Building an awesome product- power user
Building an incredible product - people who use your product the most.
Build growth- focus on the marginal user(who even do not see the notifications)

what is the north star?what is the one matrix? Your missions, your value.

Growth accounting framework.


1: Internalization

reading list


Viral growth: Hotmail story.